Car unloader lift

Car unloader lift

Carrying capacity - up to 80 t
Platform length - up to 22 m
Platform inclination angle - 38˚
Power supply - 380 V
Service life - not less than 10 years
Carrying capacity - up to 80 t
Platform length - up to 22 m
Platform inclination angle - 38˚
Power supply - 380 V
Service life - not less than 10 years

Platform. Constructively consists of a long platform. Vehicle is driven on platform entirely and then fastened. Further, the power unit starts to pump up pressure in the hydraulic cylinder, which lifts the upper part of the platform at an angle of 30-35 °. The unloading is started through the back side, which is considered to be frontal.

Single-track. The basis is a ‘scissor’ lift. Unlike the first option, the unloading here is lateral. The vehicle rides two side wheels onto the platform and platform starts to rise, creating the desired angle of inclination. Grain is poured out over the side board into the substituted container.

Both variants are a hydraulic tipping machine, which operates on the principle of raising of pressure in hydraulic cylinders. Such design has many advantages, and therefore this model is the leading one in our assortment:

  • The platform moves evenly as the pressure builds up, without jerking.
  • The vehicle is fastened to the platform by chains, which eliminates vehicle rolling out or overturning.
  • If the pressure drops in the hydraulic system, the emergency shut-off valve stops the sudden drop of the platform.

There are side-limiters for an extra reliability.

The grain dispenser consists of several important elements:

  • drive unit,
  • control system,
  • side boards tipping unit,
  • platform,
  • lifting unit,
  • lattice and rack.

What kind of car unloader do you need? Lifting technologies will get the perfect option for you.

Car unloader is used to mechanize the unloading of various bulk materials at a warehouse. In our assortment there are two main types of tipping machines.

Car unloader can be:

  • For unloading through the open tailgate.
  • For unloading over the side board.

Why should you order Lifting Technologies car unloader?

Our company offers you car unloader for grain trucks with the best parameters at the moment, which ensure uninterrupted operation and high efficiency.

Advantages of our models:

  • Strength indicators of the platform were calculated using a special complex SCAD Office, so the measurements are as accurate as possible, and are confirmed by certificates.
  • The tilting units are extra strengthened, and the platform construction is more rigid comparing with previous models.
  • It is not necessary to perform excavation works, which allows you to reduce the cost of concrete and land work when installing equipment.
  • Maintenance of hydraulic jacks is very simple, as they are located above the ground level, which gives direct access to them.
  • An official guarantee from the manufacturer with warranty service is provided.

In the online catalog on our website you will find several models, among which you can pick and order the best option for the size of the platform and processed volume of materials (The capacity needed to work with ZIL or KAMAZ is different).

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