Hydraulic Trolleys

Hydraulic trolleys

Carrying capacity - up to 2500 kg
Lifting height - up to 200mm
Platform height in the lower position - up to 75 mm

Hydraulic trolley (rokla) – trolley for manual moving of loads, equipped with a hydraulic mechanism (jack), which with the help of rods and levers raises and lowers prongs of the trolley.

What is it used for?

For transportation of various types of cargo, mainly on pallets, trays, in tanks and in other various types of packaging.

Where is it used?

In supermarkets, large and small shops, hypermarkets, as well as in warehouses and utility rooms, in transport and logistics complexes of medium and large commodity turnover.

How to choose a hydraulic trolley?

When choosing a roller, you should pay special attention to its technical characteristics, such as:

Characteristics AC25 DF25 DFE20 AC25 (shortened)
Load capacity (kg) 2500 2500 2000 2500
Min. height (mm) 85 85 75 85
Max. height (mm) 200 200 190 200
Prongs dimensions (mm) 160Х50 160Х60 150Х50 160Х60
Prongs length (mm) 1150 1150 1150 800
Overall prongs width (mm) 540 550 520 550
Rollers size (mm) 82Х70 82Х70 73Х55 82Х70
Size of driving wheels (mm) 200Х50 200Х50 180Х50 200Х50

Service life of the hydraulic trolley depends directly on compliance with the rules for its operation, namely:

  • move the trolley on a flat floor;
  • avoid overloading;
  • load cargo only on two prongs;
  • avoid getting foreign objects in the rollers.
  • powder anticorrosive paint, which prolongs the period of operation;
  • warranty;
  • German high-quality frame;
  • rubberized handle for operator’s convenience;
  • compactness, mobility, maneuverability;
  • affordable price.

You can order a hydraulic trolley by Lifting Technologies for your warehouse. We will pick the most suitable option by all characteristics. In our catalog there are four models of hydraulic trolleys AC25, DF25, DFE20, AC25 (shortened), you’ll definitely find useful equipment for your specific case.

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