Canting machine

Coil Tilter

Carrying capacity - 10t
Canting speed - from 20 to 50 s
Angle of turning - 90º
The direction of the canting of the load - in both directions
Operating temperature - -40 ° С + 40 ° С
Drive Type - Hydraulic
Lifting height - up to 10 m

Canting machine for metal with worldwide delivery

Metal coil tilter is used for capture and manipulation of different types of metal plates and steel elements. With this tool, the spatial orientation of the object can be changed by turning to the desired angle along the horizontal axis. Canting machine changes center of gravity of the load using mechanical or manual drive.

This equipment often turns the item for 90 and 180 degrees, thus simplifying further work with the load during moving, installing, storing and other manipulations.

Stationary canting machines

In our catalog you can order and buy a stationary canting machine of book type, which is the most common type.

It is used in the metalworking industries for the canting of rolled steel, wire coils, strips. Turning for 90 degrees allows you to make a convenient approach with load-gripping devices for further manipulation. Our models use a hydraulic drive, more convenient and powerful than an electric drive. It is more economical in addition.

Some say that the weight of the floor canting machine is disadvantage. But it is it’s heaviness that allows you to work with loads of huge mass, and keep stable. Hydraulic drive ensures high speed of operation, therefore such steel canting machine is best solution for use in areas with a high turnover of products.

Pick up a metal canting machine in the our catalog

Lifting Technologies will help you in selecting the optimal model, suitable for all parameters and turnover of your production. In addition to steel rolls, our canting machines can work with cylindrical loads, tipping them, which makes their usage multipurpose.

If you want to increase the efficiency and safety of loading and unloading, then order canting machine at our online store. Website has a feedback form through which you can leave an order or ask a question. With our own logistics we will deliver your order worldwide.

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