Ваги для зважування ємностей, цистерн в Україні. Київ


Non-standard scales are scales that are gaining a lot of popularity among tanks, tubs, reservoirs. This trend is related to the desire to keep accurate records of their materials and products. These are the products to solve the problem as accurately and quickly as possible.

We offer to manufacture and to install systems for any capacity. The systems consist of a weight converter, frame, strain gauges. Installation of the system takes 5-15 hours.

The designers, engineers, mechanics and electronic technicians, programmers, companies and installers are capable to solve the problems in the development and production of non-standard scales and batchers directly upon the technical requirements of the customer on time. There is a possibility to install non-standard scales for silos with cement.  In the agriculture the scales are put under coolers of milk, and the Industrialists put them under tanks with hydrocarbons.

Examples of variants of non-standard works:

  • Installation of tanks on the weight system
  • On-Board weighing systems
  • Odd-shaped lifting platforms
  • Weighing systems for warehouse equipment
  • Weighing systems for farmers
  • Modernization of existing systems

and much more.

We have an opportunity to do services of installing the scales in all regions of Ukraine.

You can get information by phone + 38 (0 98 333 51 33 ) or on our website, experts will answer your questions about the installation of weights for the tank and will calculate the cost.