Scissor lift

Scissor lift

Carrying capacity - up to 20.0 t
Lifting height - up to 3,3 m
Platform height in the lower position - 0,5 m
Lifting speed - 0,15 m/s

Scissor lifts by Lifting Technologies

It is hard to imagine work that requires movement of large and/or oversized cargo without special equipment. If you need to transport a heavy load, we recommend a scissor lift with load capacity of more than 1500 kg.

When selecting the optimal model, consider the size of the hydraulic table so that the whole cargo can fit on it. Scissor models are used at warehouses, production and in various industries, where they perform the function of sort of open elevator, moving cargo vertically.

Features of installation and operation.

The hydraulic table is installed on the floor, being attached to it. And, quite often the deepening is performed in such way that in the folded state the platform will be on the same level with the floor.

Would you prefer a standard or individual scissor lift model?

Lifting Technologies company offers you to browse the catalog of scissor lift models on our website. You can buy a suitable model by ordering an individual lift taking into account:

  • carrying capacity,
  • lifting heights,
  • size of the site,
  • environment of operation and intensity,
  • depth of the pit and its dimensions (if there is one)

Due to the established partnership with manufacturers of lifts of various types, you can find our online store as a reliable supplier of high-quality loading equipment. Website has an online chat for customer support.

Best performance and effectiveness is delivered in situations when movement of the cargo goes to a small height, but the cargo itself is oversize and heavy.

  • Scissor models rise quite quickly – 0.1 m/s.
  • Scissor type lifting table is cheaper than regular models.
  • Unloading and loading can be done from 4 sides, since the platform is open.
  • Scissor models can lift up to 6000 kg.
  • The optimal level of lifting the load is not more than 3 meters.

Recommendations for height limit exist for a reason. If it is necessary to lift the load more than 3 meters above, it will be necessary to make additional sections of the scissors. Practice shows that in such models the platform quickly sags because of cargo loading operations at the straightened state of the scissors. And such deformation entails the need for repair, which, in turn, makes whole process more expensive.

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