Lift for disabled people

Lift for disabled

Vertical lift
Carrying capacity - up to 300 kg
Lifting height - 3.5 m
Platform height in the lower position - 0,1 m
Dimensions of the platform - 1,2х0,8 m
Lifting speed - 0,15 m/s

Lifts for people with disabilities

Any civilized society should take care of people with special needs. That’s why Lifting Technologies company offers a lift for the disabled in order to simplify mobility in places with staircases. Lifting platform for disabled people came to us from Europe, and became an essential part of the production of many companies.

Can be installed:

  • At home
  • On transport
  • In public places

Freedom of movement is enshrined in the constitution of every country in the world, so public organizations and individuals should take care of the comfort for anybody, especially if person needs more attention and special conditions. Lifting devices for people with disabilities serve the purpose of moving of low-mobile groups.

There are 3 main types of lifts:

  • Scissor lift of hydraulic type for vertical movement
  • Console lift of hydraulic type for vertical movement
  • Electric incline lift for movement along the stairs

In addition, stairs models are also divided into those that move along straight stairs and with bends, where curved guides are used.

In our online store you will find all the most popular models produced by reliable manufacturers, with whom we have been collaborating for years.

Take a look in the catalog of our company and pick up the lifting device for disabled of the configuration you need. Please specify in application:

  • the size,
  • height of lift,
  • number of stops required in the program (if the lift is electric),
  • number of sites,
  • drive type for lifting,
  • equipment color,
  • additional options and parameters.

Vertical lift of console type

The most common type, similar to elevators by operation. To move, you need to drive the wheelchair to the platform, and then, using a simple controls, you will move vertically to the needed level or floor. Steps, staircases and thresholds are completely skipped.

You will find lots of advantages in these models comparing with similar lifts:

  • low price and high level of safety,
  • button or remote control to operate,
  • lifting capacity up to 250 kg,
  • takes up very little space,
  • does not require permission for installation.

Any lift of this type can be designed without interference with architectural features of the building or place, which opens wide opportunities in terms of improving the quality of public spaces without significant changes in their appearance.

Vertical scissor lifts

This lift allows you to move up to 2 meters height. Can be installed inside or outside of the building, on private or public facilities. Installation is performed on the existing entrance groups without interfering with them and without violating attractive exterior.

Electric inclined lift

The inclined wheelchair lift became an excellent replacement for the ramp due to lower requirements for a certain angle of inclination needed for classic ramps.

Suitable for installation in buildings where a standard lift for disabled people can not be mounted. Movement mechanism implies installation of guides on the staircase railing, along which the platform moves. The direction of movement is parallel to the stairs.



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