Boat lift

Boat lift

Carrying capacity - up to 5.0 tons
Lifting height - up to 5.0 m

What is good about boat lifts? Protect your water vessel

Lift for a boat, scooter, etc. is used in order to quickly and safely raise/lower water vessel. Lift for boats and other types of vessels is a console type construction with several (but not less than two) boat holders.

It is necessary to install the base of the elevator in the underwater ground near the quay or on specially pierced piles in order to mount the equipment. Boat lifts are lowered under the water while the vessel is not at the pier. When the vessel for which the lift was designed is moored, the equipment is attached to the body of the water transport, lifting it above the water surface. Lifting height – about a meter and more, it all depends on the height of the pier.

Typically, such equipment is used in cases where it is necessary to save an expensive body or leave your water transport for a long time, protecting it from direct contact with water. Due to the fact that the vessel does not come into contact with water, lifts for yachts, scooters and boats ensure:

  • extended service life of water transport,
  • protection of the body from the growth of seaweed, scuffing and darkening,
  • reduction of the total cost of repairs, since breakdowns will occur less frequently,
  • simplification of the repair process, because it is easier to repair the boat in a suspended state,
  • it will be easier for passengers to go on board which will not be lower than the berth, but on a level with it,
  • also loading and subsequent descent into the water is easier than loading things onto a boat that sails on the water.

In addition, when the vessel is on a leash at the pier during storms, there is a huge pressure on a pier while sea or river is heavily agitated, which has a negative impact on its durability. And if the vessel is lifted above the water, it loads only the lift, which is designed for such conditions.

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