(Русский) Купить Подъемник для мусорных баков в Украине

Lift for waste bins

Carrying capacity - up to 3 tons
Lifting height - up to 4 m
Dimensions of the platform - 3х2 m
Lifting speed - 0,15 m/s
Carrying capacity - up to 2 tons
Lifting height - up to 5 m
Dimensions of the platform - 3х2 m
Lifting speed - 0,15 m/s

Lifts for waste bins by Lifting Techologies are economical, hygienic and modern.

Lifts for waste bins fulfill their mission, which is to collect garbage and give city more aesthetic look. These simple devices are a hygienic, economic and safe option for waste collection. Lifts for waste containers are popular next to shopping centers and other public places, where space saving and attractive appearance are highly important.

Lifting Technologies Ltd, offers to order an individual version of such unit, which can be easily and quickly installed by our qualified specialists.

Advantages of use:

  • An elegant solution to the lack of free space, which is very important for a rapidly developing city with active development of every single square meter.
  • Compliance with all hygiene standards, and even higher – garbage lifts came to us from Europe, where hygiene issues have high priority.
  • It helps malls, cafes, restaurants look more attractive, not spoiling their appearance of piles of garbage.
  • The economy is in the possibility of using underground tanks of any size to increase the interval between garbage disposal.
  • Due to the fact that production involves manufacturing of top containers of any kind, it is possible to preserve the historical appearance of city untouched, having even this detail inscribed into the overall landscape. In fact, the upper garbage receptacle is decorative, so it can be any size, shape and color.

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Storage of garbage under the ground is carried out in the usual plastic containers. We provide individual design for the local features and landscape requirements.

Choose and order the model you like in our catalog, and we will deliver it to your address by our own transport at your place. Whether you have any questions, please contact us via online chat on our website. Online store accepts requests around the clock – managers will call you back asap during business hours.

Features of lifting platforms

Reviewing system from the structure point of view we will find out that the most important element is a hydraulic elevator of rack scissor type. It is supplemented with a shockproof and sheltered from a mechanical impact canopy with installed decorative garbage receptacle on it. Lifts for garbage cans can be equipped with a separate electrohydraulic system or connected to an existing external hydraulic line.

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