Console lift

Console lift

Carrying capacity - up to 10,0 t
Lifting height - up to 12,0 m
Platform height in the lower position - 0,2 m
Lifting speed - 0,15 m/s

Console lifts – best solution for warehouse and production

Any console elevator is necessarily attached to the load-bearing wall, which can withstand heavy loads. Therefore, we advise to consider this when designing a project.

Cargo console lift is installed not on the wall itself, but on the supporting frame attached to it. By the way, it is often called “mast” due to the elongated shape, and the lift itself is called “mast lift”. The platform movement is performed by this “mast”.

Certain features of console lifts operation in production and warehouses:

  • maximum carrying capacity is 2500 kg,
  • good replacement for old cargo lifts of shaft type,
  • can be installed indoor and outdoor,
  • can be mounted inside of the shaft or without it.

Supporting frame imposes some restrictions on  lift operation, but if there is a load-bearing wall on the installation site, the cargo console elevator is the best solution. But it is necessary to consider during designing that load-bearing frame will take from 15 to 30 cm, so the shaft must include these dimensions so that lift can move without interference.

By the way, unlike scissor lifts, also widely used in cargo operations, the size of the platform and load capacity do not depend on each other, so this allows to create very compact models.

Special button control panel (BCP) is needed to operate the lift. It can be mounted both on the mast itself or somewhere nearby. With the help of the BCP, the platform can be called to any floor, and automatically sent to the desired level in the same way. Light indication helps to determine where the platform is currently located.

Console lift consists of:

  • Console of steel, on which the guides for platform are attached. Platform moves relying on the carriages.
  • Power block is presented as a lifting hydraulic cylinder, pump for it and electric motor.
  • Lifting platform. Can have board for safety or even a fencing with a wicket.

The fact that the shaft is not required for the operation of console lifts, considerably reduces the cost of their installation and construction. In order to simplify operation as much as possible (if it is allowed by safety engineering), it is worth to use platform with open sides for simultaneous access from several sides.

Console lift by Lifting Technologies

Reasons why purchasing console lift in our online store is a good idea:

  • this equipment does not need a registration,
  • console models cost less comparing with shaft lifts and elevators,
  • easy to install and operate,
  • equipment pays off really fast,
  • protective mechanisms make both usage and maintenance safe enough,
  • high results even at intensive operation conditions,
  • platform can be loaded and unloaded from three sides.

Take a look in our catalog – three configurations of console equipment are presented there. You can order and buy a suitable lift for your needs on the website. If you have any questions – ask our professional assistants in the online chat.

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