Parking lift

Parking lift

Carrying capacity - up to 10 tons
Lifting height - up to 10 m
Dimensions of the platform - 5.5х2.4 m
Lifting speed - 0,15 m/s

Parking lift

In conditions of high urban density and usage of every single centimeter with the maximum benefit, vehicle lift becomes a truly ingenious solution to the problem.

Vehicle lift allows to economically exploit a vertical space, which usually remains unused. Using a simple scissor lift unit, you can set several cars on one conventional parking place, placing them one above the other.

Such lifts be used:

  • in small garages of companies and firms,
  • on open parking near apartment house,
  • near large stores and malls, where even underground parking is not enough sometimes,
  • in the courtyard of a private house, if space is limited, and there are many residents.

By the way, some construction companies building elite class objects, offer residents order lift to install it near the house. Yes, this increases the cost of housing in a new building, but also greatly simplifies the process of parking, saving place that can be used more profitably, e.g. as a recreation area.

There are many such examples, but the fact remains the same: this simple unit perfectly copes with the task of space saving. With minimal investment in installation, in a short time you literally create several parking slots from a scratch.

A few words about vehicle lifts

All types of vehicle lifts in our company’s catalog have high performance characteristics, which makes them the best solution for any situation where increase of the number of parking slots is needed.

Main mechanisms protection is designed for the equipment usage both indoor and outdoor.

The operator is reliably protected from an accident, since the mechanism is isolated from the impacts of temperature, rain, snow and other natural factors.

Emergency situations are prevented by several levels of protection, including:

  • mechanical locks for the platform stop in the top position,
  • automatic fixation of the platform in case of sudden electricity cut off,
  • if the control key does not work for some reason, there is an emergency button of system deenergizing,
  • Special sensor will prevent accidental or intentional platform lowering on the vehicle below.

Vehicle lift has many similar devices inside, hidden behind an elegant casing. “Filling” of the equipment is designed to ensure safe and simple operation, which allows quickly master the control process.

Advantages of ordering from Lifting Technologies, ltd

If you need a hydraulic lift, take a look at our website – the catalog shows models of such equipment. With new parking systems you get undeniable benefits:

  • Increase of number of parking slots with minimal expenses,
  • Simple installation with a small space preparation,
  • Savings because of connection of up to 10 lifts to a single hydraulic station.

Special protective modules and mechanisms, used in all models, ensure trouble-free operation of the equipment at any weather. If you have issues with choosing a suitable model, please contact our consultants – they will help you to order type of lift to meet your requirements.

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