Service lift

Service lift

Lifting height - 3,5 m
Platform height in the lower position - 0,2 m
Dimensions of the platform - 0,8х0,8 m
Lifting speed - 0,15 m/s

Service lifts – saving time and money

If there are several floors connected by production flow in one building, kitchen lift will help to establish communication and exchange of small cargoes between them. Maximum lifting capacity of such unit is 500 kg, which is enough for any cafe, restaurant or warehouse. Kitchen lift is a common name for small console or shaft lifts, which significantly speed up cargo transfer from one level to another.

Design features
Mainly due to its simplicity, kitchen lift has become popular. In fact, it is a console elevator, adapted to the safety standards in public catering establishments. The process of lifting and lowering is smooth, without jerking – it is highly important, since sometimes it is food or fragile dishes being moved, and jolting is undesirable.
The cage is a metal module, which can be either a cross-cutting or not, with a special enclosing grid and a horizontal shelf. Many companies from the restaurant business order us two elevators – one for ready meals and one for dirty dishes. And this is not a luxury, but a real necessity, which has proved its effectiveness in practice in hundreds and thousands of similar institutions. In addition, these lifts are included in the list of improvements recommended by sanitary and hygienic standards in public catering establishments.
Elevators for ready meals and dishes may not differ from each other by characteristics. However, cage for dirty dishes is usually smaller, and has a cheaper facing.
Lifting Technologies, ltd. offers both tailor made models of modern kitchen lifts and standard designs. In our catalog you can see the entire model range with photos and descriptions.
If you do not know which option is right for you, please use our online feedback form on the site. In addition, you can make a purchase at online store at any convenient time – manager will call you back during working hours to confirm the order and clarify the details.

Advantages of using of service lifts:

  • Optimization of the work of personnel or it’s individual groups located far from each other.
  • Almost instantaneous movement of cargo, which would require a lot of physical strength.
  • Gives a high efficiency due to the easy control while taking a minimum of space.
  • Not limited in height – can pass through the vertical of the whole building.
  • Platform capacity is up to 500 kg.

Service lift is frequently used in the kitchen, since it is the place where timely receipt of ingredients cooking and dispatch of ready meals for distribution is very important. This model of the elevator is in the most demand at food industry enterprises and in places of public catering, where the volumes of food produced require a more perfect movement from point A to point B than human can ensure.

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