Lift in shaft

Lift in shaft

Carrying capacity - up to 10,0 t
Lifting height - up to 10,0 m
Platform height in the lower position - 0,2 m
Lifting speed - 0,15 m/s

Lifts with shaft as the most convenient way of cargo movement

Cargo moving between floors and levels is implemented by a lift with shaft. As it says in name, a shaft-type cargo lift helps to move the cargo vertically, by moving in a special shaft.

Features of shaft lifts

Shaft lift is controlled by stationary control panel. Also keep in mind that you need a space for a lifting mechanism. Engineers do not have strict recommendations on the location of equipment, so the lifting mechanism can be placed both above or below, and on any side of the shaft. It’s up to Customer to choose the material to sheathe the shaft or color to paint it.

There are several protective elements in lift system that guarantee operational safety:

  • emergency braking for breakdown occasion,
  • load control that will not allow to overload the cage,
  • protection from cargo shifting off the cage,
  • emergency door locking.

Ordering a model from the Lifting Technologies catalog, please note that we also implement individual projects. In order to buy a custom model, please specify:

  • carrying capacity,
  • lifting height,
  • dimensions of the cage,

Reasons why lifting equipment with shafts is so popular:

  • relatively inexpensive models – you can check them in our catalog,
  • the whole mechanism is easily assembled in the shortest possible time,
  • can be mounted both inside and outside,
  • since the remote control is located outside of the shaft, the load can be moved unaccompanied
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