Rack lift

Rack lift

Carrying capacity - up to 10,0 t
Lifting height - up to 12,0 m
Platform height in the lower position - 0,2 m
Lifting speed - 0,15 m/s

Rack Lift by Lifting Technologies

Mostly lifts with platforms are used in warehouses. If you need to move a small load, it is enough to use a single-column lift (console). If you need more stability and load capacity, you should pay attention to the four- or two-rack lift.

Such structures are called “rack-mount” because the racks are the bearing elements. The main load is on the vertical rack. For stability, the base is fastened to the floor with special bolts. Lifting gear is often placed on the side.

Lift types by the number of racks

The standard options are a one-, two- and four-rack lift. There are models with a greater number, however, they are rare and, usually, are tailor-made for specific requirements. By the way, on our website you can order rack-mount lift of an individual custom design, having negotiated details of the order with our engineers.

Single rack models

The usage is reasonable on objects where compactness and small payload are necessary. The load-carrying capacity is up to 2 tons.

For most enterprises, it is enough to have a two-rack lift to meet the company’s need for cargo lifting. Two-rack models have a platform. Determine the maximum load capacity and design of the drive before ordering a specific modification. The average range of load capacity is from 2 to 8 tons.

They are often used in the maintenance of trucks and cars with a shifted center of gravity and uneven distribution of the axes. They are used for alignment.

Four-rack equipment has good load-carrying capacity (more than one-and two-rack models), simple operation and excellent stability. The standard length is from 4.5 to 5 m.

Which lift do you need? Choose the best rack model from Lifting Technologies

Lifting Technologies company is a distributor and reliable partner of several manufacturers of rack lifts, therefore there are models with different price category and performance characteristics presented in the range of our products. There are pictures and descriptions for each product there, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in our online chat.

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