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Scales-rock production Lifting Technologies (Ukraine) – an excellent solution for warehouses, the mechanism allows you to move the load on the pallet and determine its weight. Rock scales are used by various trade enterprises, transport companies and warehouses.

Rokla scales are a manual forklift (rokla) with built-in electronic scales that determine the weight of the load. The digital LED display has the function of the automatic economy mode that provides preservation of a charge of the battery for a long time. A fully charged battery lasts for up to 60 hours without interruption. Power supply of a weight is possible not only from the storage battery, but also from the network.

Rock scales are able to replace the classic platform scales and save a lot of time on transportation, loading. It is also convenient to use for all cargoes transported on pallets and pallets, boxes, barrels, etc.

When weighing, you can choose the units of measurement: pounds, kilograms, grams.

The manufacturer has laid down such basic functions as setting the upper and lower limits of weighing (sound signal), counting mode, summation of weighings, zeroing readings, calibration, overload notification.

Scales are included in the state register of Ukraine № U2832-09 and correspond to DSTU EN 45501: 2007
The warranty is valid for 12 months (Warranty and post-warranty service).